Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Homestay owners - Beware of Airbnb

Homestay owners beware of Airbnb for not paying you even after customer check out. Airbnb has been delaying my friend's payout,  she is a Host at Airbnb until 28 days and no payment received. The reason is their payment system failed on a particular day and no host was paid. After checking with the Bank it was found out that Airbnb only send them the payment advice after 28 days.

Beware of Airbnb. Recently, I have a check in a customer on 14 Feb 2019 from Airbnb. Airbnb informed that Reservation is confirmed and accepted for check in. After customer check in and check out, I message Airbnb for my payout. Airbnb said that they cannot process my payout. They have not yet received payment from customer. Hence they will need to collect the payment from the customer first. I can wait until the cows come home or until the customer pay them.

Airbnb is very unethical. Airbnb's duty is to ensure payment is collected before advising Homestay owners to check in customer. Here we have Airbnb advising Host to check in customer, then holdup Homestay owners payment as they did not collect payment from customer. Homestay owners beware of your payment from Airbnb.


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