Friday, September 1, 2017

Teratai Homestay - How to plan a Wedding?

After the proposal...the wedding have to be planned.
For the X and Y Generations the planning will start about 1 year before the actual Wedding Date.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot  are usually done before  the Wedding. Nowadays pre wedding photoshoots are usually done overseas namely Melbourne, Perth or even Paris. 
Marriage Registration can be done before the Wedding or During the Wedding Ceremony.
Wedding Venue/- Wedding Homestay/ Church Wedding/ Garden Wedding/Wedding Date/Tea Ceremony.

Design Wedding Card/ Invitation Card, arrange to pass card to guest (by Hand or electronic media)

Transportaion/ Accomodations for Relative and friends from overseas/outstation. ( 1 driver and Car to ferry guests). Book Hotels or Homestay for Relatives, Homestay is cheaper.

Photographers need to be appointed. The price is about RM2800 covers the Wedding Ceremony and Night Dinner section.

Garden Wedding - Decoration the Garden area, Canopy, Chairs, Reception Table, Backdrop.

*Things around Reception area - Guest book, door gifts, Progamme book, Fan., Coffee book,  Pre Wedding Photo album, Photo booth., Wedding Stand.

Wedding Dinner - Venue, number of tables, menu and Food tasting. List of guest, seating arrangement for guests. Speechs by Parents/ Parents-in-law/ Best Friend/Bride and Groom.
(repeat items *)

Venue for Honeymoon. Book Holiday Trip or DIY - book hotel/air ticket/plan itinerary.

Hope the above serve as a guide , if you are planning a wedding.
Do sms, whatsApp, wechat  or call me at 0162723833 EB Ong, if you need a Wedding Homestay or Wedding House.

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