Sunday, June 13, 2010

Holiday or Vacation Homestay in Kuala Lumpur ; Teratai Homestay is Your Answer.

Holiday or Vacation in Kuala Lumpur? Where to stay? Teratai Homestay is your answer. Located at Kota Perdana (next to Jusco Taman Equine) Seri Kembangan. Check out the photos at kotaperdanahomestay. It is much cheaper to stay at Teratai Homestay compared to a Hotel. Nowadays, Homestay are a common vacation stop for Family and Group outings.
It is cheaper to stay at Teratai Homestay when compared to staying at a hotel. TerataiHomestay comes completed with facilities - Just like Home. You can have your own Living area, Dinning area and cook your own meals. Cooking your own meals will save a lot as compared to eating in a Restaurant or Cafe. Jusco Taman Equine is where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and other things. Jusco is just 2 mins away at the next traffic light. Seri Kembangan town center is only 5 mins away.
Kota Perdana is located in Seri Kembangan. It is only 5 mins to the Seremban - Sungei Besi Toll and from there you can proceed to KL and stop at the Istana Negara (King's Palace) to see the changing of the guards. There are 2 standing guards and another 2 guards mounted on horses. Many tourist buses stop here for the tourist to take photoshoot of the guards and Palace Buildings.

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