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Teratai Homestay, Wedding House, Vacation Homes, Holiday Homes in Seri Kembangan, Puchong, Cheras

Teratai Homestay have locations at Seri Kembangan, Puchong, Serdang, Taman Kobena Cheras, Bandar Sungel Long, Jalan Ipoh, Bangi and Selayang. There are different types of accommodations like 2 storey Semi -D House with 4 rooms, 2 storey Terrace House with 3 rooms and 4 rooms units, 3 rooms Apartments, 3 Rooms Condominium and 1 Room Apartment with swimming pool.

Wedding Homestay are very popular among the Gen-X and Gen-Y couples, as it provides accommodations, place for Tea Ceremony and  Place for "Chut Mein" Chinese Wedding Ceremony.

The word Homestay is commonly used in Malaysia, it means the rental of House/Apartment/Condominium on a daily basis for purpose of Wedding Ceremony, Attending Convocation, Vacation/Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Attending MAHA, House your relative, Chinese New Year Celebration when your overseas brother/sister arrive in  KL. The location of the Homestay are usually located in City/town area. Wedding Homestay are more suited for Wedding purposes as decorations like Chinese word "Double Happines", Red cloths and Wedding Decorations are provided.

The terms Vacation Homes and Holidays Homes are more commanly used overseas but they mean the same thing. Basically the rental of Homes on a daily basis. In China Homestay like Wuzhen Guest House is run by the Landlord,his wife and son. They will check in the customers, clean the place and cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for their guest. The Homestay is located inside the Wuzhen Ancient Water Village. The Village have Sundry shops, Hotels, Restaurants, soya sauce factory, shops selling handcrafts, boat building shop and other business. The Canal runs through the Village and transportation is by boat. At night the place is lighted up and is ideal for night photography.

In Korea Vacations Homes can be found near ski and Golf Resorts. Here the Condominium units are rented out to customer. The Vacation Homes are located next to Ski Area or Golf Course. Hence you can ski or do Golfing for a whole week or few days.

The Vacation Homes at Oak Valley have 2 Rooms, Living Area, Dining area and Kitchen. It is equipped with Fridge, Dining Table, Sofa, TV, stove, Kitchen cabinets and 2 bathrooms. The photos below are taken at the Popular Oak Valley Vacation Homes Ski Resort  near Seoul, South Korea.
Check in Area to Oak Valley Vacation Homes, Seoul, South Korea.
Landscape View of Ski Area at Night
Living area, Dining area and Kitchen at Oak Valley Vacation Homes

View in the early Morning
Walk towards Restaurant area, it was Windy and Freezing Cold.
However, Homestays Programme in the Malaysian Village means staying with Foster Father/Mother in the Malay Kampung. The tourist will join in the activities in the Kampung like Fishing, Farming, Milking the cow/goats and other activities. The Homestay Pragramme are more suitable for Foreign student under exchange program and Foreign Tourist who would like to experience the village life.

Sms, WhatsApp or call me at 0162723833 EB Ong if you need a Homestay /Vacation Homes/ Holiday Homes in the City of Kuala Lumpur and Urban areas in the State of Selangor.

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