Saturday, January 16, 2016

Garden Wedding Poolside at Li Villa Condo

Twin Pavillions by the Poolside
Do you need a Garden Wedding by the Pool? The 2 Pavillions and Poolside area is suitable for Garden Wedding Ceremony and Buffet can be arrange in the Cafe. The Cafe and dinning area are housed inside another building nearby the pool. The Garden Decorations can be a arranged with a Wedding Decorator. The Buffet can also be arranged with an independent caterer. PA system and chairs at poolside can also be arranged.

Garden Weddings are another alternative for young couples. They are young people who graduated from oversea University ie Australia. Like the brunch and speciality coffee culture, their tendency is towards  Garden Wedding.

Please sms,call or whats App me at 0162723833 EB Ong, if you need a Garden Wedding or Wedding Homestay.
View of poolside from the top

Garden Decorations

Wedding Tea Ceremony set
Garden Decoration

Garden Decorations

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